Aral Dream Mission:
  • Unite people of Uzbekistan under a Common Dream
  • Attracting the attention of the general public to the problems of the Aral Sea and Aral Sea region
  • Support the idea of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who put forward the draft resolution on the declaration of the Aral Sea at the UN General Assembly as an area of environmental innovation and technology
  • Introduction of the Aral Sea problem into modern pop culture
  • Providing opportunities for cultural and intellectual development to the youth of Karakalpakstan
  • Development of tourist potential of Karakalpakstan and popularization of the region among people of Uzbekistan and foreigners
  • Attracting the attention of an English-speaking audience to the problems of the Aral Sea
  • Attracting the attention of world celebrities, media and politics to the problems of the Aral Sea

Aral ármanı

Our projects:
The Memory of Water exhibition
A large exhibition at the Igor Savitsky State Museum in Nukus, dedicated to the Aral Sea
The Tomorrow Festival
A grand multidisciplinary festival in Nukus in 2022
Ball in New York
Charity ball in support of the UN General Assembly resolution for world politicians, celebrities and the press
Desert Classics
Worldwide promotion of Karakalpak symphony music, opera and ballet
Eurasian tour of ELECTROOKO
Attracting the attention of CIS youth to the problems of the Aral Sea region
The Aral Dream Manga
Fantasy about the return of the Aral Sea from Tokio Group
Jirau Stream
Recording and releasing of a collection of Karakalpak folk songs on world streaming services
The Allaniyaz Uteniyazov Award
Competition for the best speech in English among 10-14 years old children of Karakalpakstan
Our partners and friends: